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UNDRTD, an American financial company, publishes an NFT collection as all-access passes to unlimited educational resources and high-quality Web3 connections.

Act on this wise motto: “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. When you teach a man to fish, you feed him for life,” UNDRTD provides its members around the world with the educational resources they need to help them become financially successful. Therefore, rather than using its investors’ money directly, UNDRTD provides exclusive alpha information for its community, regardless of status or experience, to create multiple revenue streams from the wide range of Web3 niches covered by its curated, experienced educators.

The company’s concept was originally born as an Alpha Pass, aimed at a novice audience interested in making money from NFTs. Now UNDRTD has evolved into a suite of full-length crypto and NFT video courses accessible as an all-in-one private education server for experienced industry professionals. With a dedicated staff scouring the market for new opportunities, users can truly take advantage of all the benefits that a quality network brings.

Access to this community starts with either a subscription plan ranging from $49 per month to $489 per year or a lifetime NFT pass available on OpenSea or other third-party Ethereum-based marketplaces. There are only 333 passes in circulation, with an impressive reserve price that has more than doubled from the 0.2 Ether (ETH) mint price, despite the current bearish market conditions.

It all started with Gary Vee

The transformation of Alpha Pass gateway into a full-fledged educational center was no accidental event; rather, it was a dream born of the influence of Gary Vee. In light of UNDRTD’s progress, the project’s founder, known as ShmooNFT, shared: “I bought my first NFT in August 2021. I was watching YouTube videos one evening and stumbled across a video of Gary Vee talking about NFTs and decided to look into it. Little did I know that just a few months later I would be dropping out of college to pursue trading and NFT content creation full-time.”

Despite the current bear market resulting in limited money-making opportunities, UNDRTD alpha and education continues to flow through the community. Even in these trying conditions, UNDRTD’s crypto and NFT communities still bring everyone together to make memes and jokes – to build collaboration and camaraderie.

“When the market is down, the meme game gets even stronger,” noted ShmooNFT. Therefore, despite seemingly grim market conditions, UNDRTD proves that the light is still shining brightly for Web3.

The beginning of something bigger

Purchasing an UNDRTD Lifetime Membership Pass NFT gives holders ongoing access to extensive educational resources and a supportive community. Additionally, these membership NFTs also offer exclusive live streams, whitelist giveaways, and other unique perks not available on the paid membership plans. Of course, these NFT Passports can still be sold on Ethereum-based secondary markets if the NFT holder feels they have learned everything they need to know from UNDRTD’s services.

While there is no guarantee that anyone with access to the exclusive education center will be financially successful, all the building blocks are in place to achieve solid results. The UNDRTD team recognizes that millionaires are not made overnight but have to start somewhere and believe that its Web3 platform provides the ideal educational and community resources to capitalize on market opportunities.


UNDRTD is a Miami-based financial media company operating with the mission of elevating its community to online money-making opportunities. UNDRTD offers a community full of successful educators and creates an environment that allows its members to learn alongside a community of like-minded individuals with the goal of its members being successful along with the rest of its community. From NFTs to social media marketing, UNDRTD does it all, leveraging its quality network to engage proven professionals in their respective niches to train community members.


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