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Those interested in what forex offerings are available from TD Ameritrade will not be disappointed. A major benefit of trading forex through TD Ameritrade is that the online broker lets you use the broker’s excellent thinkorswim® trading platform, available in desktop, web and mobile versions.

If you have ever thought about expanding your trading horizons by adding forex trading, TD Ameritrade is a reputable broker with a great platform that includes options. The broker also offers often-neglected traders based in the US and Canada an excellent opportunity to operate in the vast forex market.

In this article, Benzinga reviews TD Ameritrade’s forex services to help you determine if the broker is right for your forex trading needs.

Can I trade forex with TD Ameritrade?

Yes, you can now access Forex trading through Charles Schwab Futures and Forex LLC with TD Ameritrade. The forex trading company recently changed its name from TD Ameritrade Futures & Forex LLC in September 2021 after Charles Schwab completed the purchase of TD Ameritrade in October 2020.

You can trade currencies in up to 70 different currency pairs and in standard lot increments of 10,000 base currency units 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, during the six-day forex trading week via Charles Schwab Futures and Forex.

You can also trade currency futures and options on selected currency pairs via Charles Schwab Futures and Forex. This access also includes the ability to trade micro futures contracts that are only one-tenth the size of a regular currency futures contract.

Does TD Ameritrade charge fees for Forex?

TD Ameritrade has no hidden fees or complicated pricing structure. At TD Ameritrade, forex fees or trading commissions are not charged in the same way that, for example, a stockbroker charges a commission on stock trades.

Instead, you pay out a dealing spread to make a forex transaction, as is usual with online forex brokers. This means that you pay the supply side to buy a currency pair and sell the pair on the bid side when making transactions in the forex market.

Charles Schwab Futures and Forex uses an Electronic Communications Network (ECN) model. This means that the broker offers you a competitive bid/ask trade spread based on currency pair quotes obtained from four major forex market makers.

Can I use MT4 with TD Ameritrade?

No, TD Ameritrade does not support the popular MetaTrader4 (MT4) or MetaTrader5 (MT5) trading platforms, which can pose a significant problem for those looking to use their MT4 or MT5 expert advisors with the broker.

Fortunately for other traders, however, the broker’s excellent Thinkorswim trading platform has many of the sophisticated technical analysis features found on the MetaTrader trading platforms.

The thinkorswim trading platform was developed by traders for traders. It offers cutting edge desktop, web and mobile applications. The platform is fully customizable and is continually being improved based on feedback from the TD Ameritrade trader community.

How Much Leverage Does TD Ameritrade Offer Forex?

One of the biggest benefits of forex trading has been the high leverage you can apply to your trades, although using leverage can magnify both your losses and profits. So trading leverage is a double-edged sword that needs to be used with care.

Due to the rules of the National Futures Association (NFA) that TD Ameritrade follows, TD Ameritrade’s forex leverage for major currency pairs is 50:1, while the maximum leverage ratio for minor and exotic currency pairs is only 20:1. This means that the margin requirements for major and minor currency pairs are 2% and 5%, respectively.

Remember that if your positions work against you and you are unable to meet the margin requirements of your open positions, a broker may liquidate those positions until your account is properly funded again.

TD Ameritrade’s liquidation policy for FX trades is once per day for each account with a risk level less than 100% when observed at 4:00am EST and intraday when the account falls to 25% or below, as the case may be, what comes first.

Does TD Ameritrade trade internationally?

If you are a Canadian resident, TD Ameritrade accepts Canadian Forex traders through its subsidiary TD Direct. TD Ameritrade may not be available to those located elsewhere in the world. To find out if you qualify to open an account, go to the broker’s account opening page. When you reach the country box, the website will notify you whether you can open an account with the broker or not.

Other top options for forex brokers

If you reside outside of the United States or Canada, you may not be eligible to open an account with TD Ameritrade. Benzinga has compiled some of the best forex brokers that could be available in your jurisdiction alongside TD Ameritrade.

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frequently asked Questions

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Which forex broker is the best?


Any forex broker worth their salt should have a good reputation and be properly regulated by a major regulator. The best broker for you would be the one that accepts clients in your area and can best help you implement your forex trading strategy.


Who is the largest forex broker in the world?


Although the broker that earns this title may vary depending on what parameter you use to determine its size, it is based in Australia IC markets is one of the largest retail Forex brokers in the world in terms of transaction volume. The broker recorded over $1 trillion in monthly trading volume as of November 2021.


Can I trade forex without a broker?


Wealthy individuals can use lines of credit with financial institutions to trade forex without a broker. You can also trade FX futures without a broker if you are a CME exchange resident. As a small trader, you can take foreign exchange risk by buying foreign assets, using an online payment service to receive foreign currency, or exchanging domestic money for foreign currency at an exchange office or your local bank. Still, by far the easiest way to trade forex is through an online forex broker.

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