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Stock market outlook for this week: September 19th to September 23rd

Thanks to surprising economic data, last week on the stock market was another volatile week full of massive price fluctuations. The gems of the week were US producer price (PPI) and consumer price (CPI) data, on which the Fed had little to say. We also saw employment data and retail sales briefly help the bulls, but to no avail. All of this set the stage for one of the busiest and most volatile weeks of September.

This is because this is the week of the Fed meeting (FOMC meeting). This week unveils the long-awaited rate hike decision that is likely to leave its mark on investors. However, we have also added some critical global economic events that could play a role in the stock market this week.

Whether you trade penny stocks or higher-priced stocks, monetary policy decisions can affect daily trends. The Bank of England, Bank of Japan, Germany, UK and the Eurozone all have economic and monetary policy data throughout the week. In addition to what the US Fed is saying, it can also be important to monitor what European Central Bank (ECB) members have to say about their outlook for the economy.

The stock fell ahead of the September FOMC meeting this week

Markets tumbled last week on the back of surprise inflation data. Major index ETFs, including the S&P 500 (NYSEARCA: SPY), Nasdaq (NASDAQ: QQQ), Russell 2000 Small Cap Index (NYSEARCA: IWM) and Dow (NYSEARCA: DIA), fell as investors turned around to start pricing aggressive Federal Reserve. This was based not only on economic data, but also on reports from the likes of FedEx (NYSE: FDX), which missed sales estimates while withdrawing full-year guidance.

When asked if the economy was going into a global recession, FedEx CEO Raj Subramaniam said in an interview with CNBC’s Jim Cramer: “I think so. But you know, those numbers don’t suggest that very well… I’m very disappointed with the results that we’ve just announced here and you know, the headline is really the macro situation that we’re dealing with are confronted with.”

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The market is also pricing in a high probability of a 75 basis point hike and even a 100 basis point hike at the September FOMC meeting. Is this the week the stock market crash marks new lows for 2022?

Let’s see what’s ahead of us this week in the stock market:

What to watch in the stock market this week

With the addition of global economic data, it will be important to understand that this may or may not be catalyst depending on other events in the US markets.

Stock market news and events for Monday 9/19

The stock market on Monday, September 19, 2022 is an easier day for economic events, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to know. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) housing market index data will be released shortly after the opening bell. A higher than expected reading is generally bullish for the US Dollar and vice versa if it is lower than expected. The NAHB forecast currently stands at 47, which would be lower than the previous reading for August which was 49. Since hitting 79 in April, the NAHB Index has continued to fall month-on-month.

After the market close, Japan’s national CPI and core CPI for August will be reported. Expectations for core CPI are 2.7%, which would be slightly higher than the previous CPI reading of 2.4%. Last week we saw how surprising CPI and PPI data can move markets. Whether Japan’s economic data will experience the same remains to be seen, but will certainly be announced on Monday evening.

Stock market news and events for Tuesday 9/20

The stock market is starting to see some additional speculation based on economic data and ECB talks on Tuesday 20th September 2022. An hour before the US market opens, we get August building permits and housing starts data. These are expected to reach 1.610 million and 1.445 million respectively. Both would be slightly lower than the previous reads, which were 1.685 million and 1.446 million. Like the NAHB data, launches and approvals have been declining month-on-month throughout the year.

ECB member McCaul speaks at 11am ET while ECB President Lagarde speaks at 1pm ET. Depending on what’s being said, the latter of these two speaking commitments could bring a bit more volatility. With the ECB setting short-term interest rates, Christine Lagarde’s outlook could weigh heavily on the future of monetary policy and interest rate changes for the euro zone.

The September FOMC meeting also begins on Tuesday.

Stock market news and events for Wednesday 9/21

That last sentence was a prelude to one of the stock market’s most important days this week. We get more housing data from mortgage rates, applications and the purchase index. Existing home sales for August will also be in the early spotlight. For those watching energy stocks, crude inventories are released around the same time as home sales.

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But the hour from 2pm ET to 3pm ET will be important and could move the markets. This is because the September Fed meeting is concluding and we will have confirmation on the future of monetary policy, including the latest rate hike numbers. The FOMC press conference on Sept. 21 at 2:30pm ET will likely add more details to digest as always.

Stock market news and events for Thursday 9/22

Thursday 22nd September 2022 stock market will likely be the FOMC hangover day for the markets but no time to rest. That’s because the Bank of England interest rate decision and the BoE’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) minutes are released early in the US pre-trade session at 7:00am ET. This is an introduction to the latest job data at 8:30 am ET, including initial claims, ongoing and 4-week average jobless claims.

Stock market news and events for Friday 9/23

The stock exchange on Friday, September 23, 2022 crowns the hectic week. We get early morning economic data from Germany, the Eurozone and the UK. In addition, the US Manufacturing Services PMI will be published immediately after the market opens. But again, FOMC and Fed events are likely to steer the ship. Fed Chair Jerome Powell will speak at 2pm ET.

What’s going on with the Fed on September 23? The Federal Reserve Board hosts a Fed listens Event: Transition to post-pandemic economy. Representatives from many sectors will share perspectives on the impact of the pandemic on transforming the economy and the workforce.

They will also discuss challenges and opportunities that exist during the transition period. Fed Chair Jerome Powell delivers an opening statement, while Vice Chair Brainard and Gov. Bowman moderate discussions with executives at the organization.

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Stock market snapshot for this week

This is just a brief snapshot of what’s happening in the stock market this week. These are some of the better known catalysts that could affect sentiment and dictate overall trends. This week’s FOMC meeting could mean this is one of the biggest weeks of 2022.

Every trader and investor in the stock market today asks the same questions:

  • What’s next for the stock market after this week’s Fed meeting?
  • Will the stock market crash take stocks to new lows in 2022?
  • What other stock market news can move the market this week?
  • How can I make money trading on the stock exchange?
  • Which stocks to buy now in 2022?

The answer to all of these questions will come down to the outcome of this week’s Federal Reserve meeting and press conference. When is the September 2022 FOMC meeting? It begins on Tuesday, September 20, 2022 and ends on September 21, 2022 with the Fed press conference at 2:30 p.m. ET.

What’s next for the stock market?

Will Fed Chair Jerome Powell hike rates by 75 basis points or is a 100 basis point hike imminent? Will the recession be avoided and is a soft landing really possible after last week’s surprise August CPI and August PPI inflation data?

Many investors are already working overtime in the stock market this week, giving away countless stock market and trading forecasts, as well as their stock market outlook and trading game plan for this week. They will certainly weigh on the stock market crash, recession, inflation, stagflation and this stock market game in general.

If you’ve ever wondered how to start investing in the stock market, how the stock market works, or “is this a stock market for beginners?” it’s time to pay attention.

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