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That Pokémon trading card game is about as old as the franchise’s video games. The tabletop game’s gameplay and strategies can get just as complex as its electronic counterpart. A lively community has developed all around Pokemon TCG, although it can be intimidating to enter. Luckily, there are a few YouTubers who make it easy for newcomers, whether they’re interested in card collecting, breaking news, or competitive fighting.

Pokemon TCG does not have to be overly time-consuming or expensive, nor does it require intensive study to learn the basics. With the right guides, making your way into the community is easy. Instead of purchasing endless packs to find the rarest cards, viewers can instead watch their favorite YouTubers open packs. It’s the perfect time to jump into the hobby as fans eagerly await the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


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The world of Pokemon TCG

Most Pokemon Fans are probably very familiar with video games and anime, although the trading card game has also found success in its niche. Some franchise fans steer clear of the maps because they seem confusing and it seems impossible to collect them all. However, there are several elements to the maps and the community that surrounds them, and even players who have no idea how to play the official games can enjoy it Pokemon TCG.

Play an officer Pokemon TCG Each player needs a deck of cards and a game mat. Decks are made up of Energy cards, Item cards, Trainer cards, and Pokémon cards. Each round, participants place cards on the playmat and attempt to eliminate their opponent’s Pokemon by expending their HP. The game is easy to learn but difficult to master. You can spend years learning its intricacies and the various ingenious strategies employed by the top players.

Not all fans are on the competitive side, however. Many enthusiasts are only interested in the aspects of card collecting that are easily addictive. Cards are sold in different sets that typically match generations of gaming, and newer packs have even included Pokemon GO. The cards have beautiful artwork, making them pleasing to look at and fun to display, and you don’t need to know how competitive play works to start collecting.

Not all cards are created equal, and some are rated higher than others. Collectors can check how rare their cards are by looking at the printed rarity icons. A circle represents a common card, while a diamond represents an uncommon card. Rarely Pokemon Cards have a star, while promo cards have a special star with the word “Promo” on it.

In a similar way to that Pokemon Playing games with shinies, card collectors will sometimes come across very rare cards made with holographic foil. These are usually highly sought after and can fetch large sums of money in the market. Miscellaneous Cards can also become valuable for other reasons, e.g. if they are from the first major expansion or have a notable bug, e.g. B. square instead of rounded corners. While some fans will never part with their most prized collectibles, others have sold theirs Pokemon Tickets for millions of dollars.

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Pokemon YouTubers for newbies

Pokemon TCG can be daunting for anyone hoping to dip their toes, but there are a few YouTubers who can make the process a little easier. For those who want to learn more about the card collecting aspects of the community, checking out CandyEvie is a good idea. Although her canal began with her glittering hunts, visitors today will find it to be packed Pokemon Trivia videos animated in their cute style.

Informative yet entertaining, the videos cover a variety of topics related to the franchise, with many focusing on the maps. CandyEvie’s YouTube channel also has many card pack openings that can be exciting to watch. She was often lucky enough to draw fairly rare cards, which she always shows to be more than lucky. Often, fans will send her packs that they put together themselves, sometimes containing extremely rare cards or even heavily drawn cards.

For new collectors who want to learn more about previously released sets as well as some of the rarest cards of all time, Ptcgradio is a good channel to check out. It contains both English and Japanese cards, as well as many pack openings. It’s also a great channel to catch up on the latest Pokemon TCG News, including new set reveals. Listening to the channel is comforting because, as the channel name would suggest, Ptcgradio speaks in a charismatic radio voice.

For those looking to get into the competition side, there are a few YouTubers to choose from. Tablemon offers a good entry point because it has a lot of hands-on experience Pokemon TCG but is still able to create light-hearted, informative videos. In 2016 he won the national championship in Mexico and in 2017 he finished 7th in the Pokemon TCG World Championship. It would also be wise to check out AzulGG, who has also done well in regional and international championships. His channel has informative videos that analyze different decks, which can help viewers better understand how a top player thinks.

The world of Pokemon Collecting cards can be dangerous. There are unscrupulous resellers who try to take advantage of fans by selling fake tickets, so it’s always good to tread carefully and do proper research. But you don’t have to buy expensive card packs to be a fan and an active member of the community. It can be very satisfying just to catch up with your favorite YouTubers and learn more about all the rare cards.

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