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Released on September 1st, the Pokémon TCG: Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle allows fans to either buy themselves tons of fun new cards or give out to trick-or-treaters. Each of these bundles contains 40 foil packs, each containing three cards.

Unlike most Pokemon packs, these don’t include Trainer or Energy cards, only Pokemon cards, with most including Ghost Pokemon like Gastly and Hatenna. This is an excellent pack for players looking to boost a Psychic or Dark type deck.


10 mismagius

One of the best cards in the new bundle, Mismagius is a level 2 Psychic Pokemon. This card features two different attacks, the first of which forces the opponent to reveal their hand.

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As long as the opponent has at least four cards in their hand, the player making the attack may force the opponent to put all but three of their cards into the deck of their choice. The Pokémon’s second attack deals 50 damage and automatically Confuses the opposing Pokémon.

9 Mimikyu

Mimikyu, one of the coolest Ghost Pokémon, features beautiful sparkling artwork of this Ghost Pokémon. It’s not an overly powerful card, but with the right strategy, its ability can be quite a force to be reckoned with.

This ability makes it possible for the opponent to be unable to heal their Benched Pokemon, which can help ruin a player’s strategy of retiring their Pokemon to heal it. Mimikyu also possesses a single attack that deals 30 damage.

8th Hatterene

Hattern is a Stage 3 Pokemon, so it will certainly be worth taking the card to its final evolution. This sly looking Pokemon also possesses an ability called Witch Rondo, which allows the player to switch their Active Pokemon with one of their Benched Pokemon.

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When this is done, the opponent has to do the same, which can be a perfect strategy to use along with Mimikyu’s ability. Hatterne’s attack is also pretty effective, with a base damage of 30 but an additional 50 for each energy attached to the card, meaning he always deals at least 130 damage.

7 Gengar

This card features fantastic artwork of one of the strongest Ghost-type Pokémon, Gengar, sticking out its tongue as usual. If players have knocked out this card, they may immediately take any two cards from their deck.

Its attack isn’t as impressive as its ability, but it works with it, as it deals 30 more damage on top of the 10 it already gets for each damage counter on the card. Gengar is a Pokémon where more damage isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and thanks to its ability, players don’t have to worry about the Pokémon being KO’d either.

6 gourmand

Gourgeist doesn’t have an ability like many of the other amazing cards here, but it more than makes up for it with its incredible attack. The attack has a base damage of 60, however, an effect goes alongside this card that forces the player to look at the top 6 cards of their deck.

If either of them is a Psychic Pokemon, Gourgeist’s attack does 60 more damage to each. Unfortunately, players then have to discard any revealed cards that weren’t Psychic Pokémon, but this is still a pretty efficient attack.

5 Trevenant

One of the most underrated Ghost Pokémon, Trevenant is a Level 2 Pokémon included in this pack and possesses a powerful attack called Shadow Cage. It requires two grassy energies and one colorless, and deals 120 total damage.

In addition, it stops the opposing player from allowing their Pokémon to retreat. So if the opponent doesn’t have any items to heal their Pokemon, there’s a good chance Trevenant can get the job done on the player’s next turn. Trevenant also has another attack that is slightly weaker and deals 40 damage but only requires a Grass-type energy.

4 chandelier

Weaknesses can sometimes be a real headache in combat. Especially when players focus on building their decks around a single type.

However, this is where one of the scariest ghost Pokémon, Chandelure, comes into play with its helpful ability that allows it to eliminate any weaknesses that the player’s Pokémon have. Chandelure also possesses a powerful attack that only requires two Energy and deals 110 damage. After using the attack, it also automatically confuses the opposing Pokemon.

3 twilight eclipse

Normally, abilities can only be used once per turn. However, Dusknoir’s is a bit unique in that it allows the player to use it as many times as they like during their turn. Its ability allows the player to transfer any special energy from one of their Pokémon to another.

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So if various Special Energy were scattered and tied to multiple Benched Pokemon, the player could move and place them all onto a single one. Besides Dusknoir’s useful ability is its brutal attack that deals 120 damage.

2 mewtwo

The Mewtwo card in this bundle has some of the coolest artwork Pokemon has ever had, and is already one of, if not the most coveted card in the bundle.

It has two moves, the first being a useful move called Life Sucker that does 20 damage to the opposing Pokémon while also healing Mewtwo for 20 damage. His strongest attack is called Psyburn and deals a total of 110 damage.

1 darkrai

The final card is Darkrai, which is without a doubt both the coolest and the best card in the new Halloween bundle. This card has a unique ability that protects Darkrai from tons of damage. For each Dark Energy bound to it, Darkrai takes 20 less damage from attacks.

This is just an incentive to pin dark energy to the card while the other affects their attack. This attack, called Vortex of Darkness, has a base damage of 60 and deals an additional 20 damage for each Dark Energy card attached to it. Any player looking to purchase the new bundle should be especially on the lookout for this card.

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