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Account Minimum: $0

Trading Instruments: Stocks, Forex, Crypto, ETFs, Options and many more

Fees: $0 for stock trades

Olympus4X overview

Olympus4X is a full-service brokerage platform with diverse offerings for retail traders and institutional investors. Here are the main pros and cons.


  • A wider range of investment products
  • Broader market access
  • Low fees and commissions
  • Multiple trading platforms
  • Reliable customer service


  • Olympus4X is not available in some countries
  • The mobile app is currently being improved

Why we choose Olympus4X

Even though Olympus4X is not the most popular trading platform but offers unique advantages that attract different types of traders and investors. Here are the main advantages that give Olympus4X an edge in the market.

A wider range of investment products

Olympus4X has one of the widest range of investment products in the industry. The portfolio includes robust asset classes and other unique offerings for retail traders and institutional investors. The diverse range of products gives traders and investors the freedom to pursue their chosen investment goals.

Access to international markets

Olympus4X is a multinational player that allows you to trade multiple assets on leading global markets. This makes it an excellent platform for investors looking to move assets or diversify their investments across different global industries.

Low fees and commissions

Olympus4X is one of the few brokers dedicated to low-cost online trading. Aside from allowing free stock trading, the broker has eliminated most of the standard fees and commissions found on other platforms. Olympus4X also offers competitive margin interest rates.

Multiple trading platforms

Olympus4X supports desktop, web and mobile trading with user-friendly programs for all types of traders. Their mobile app has intuitive tools with a simplified design for both novice and casual traders. The broker’s web and desktop platforms have powerful and customizable tools for advanced traders.

what do they offer

Olympus4X is a multi-asset broker with diverse investment offerings for different types of investors and a more comprehensive selection of asset classes and other products for both novice and experienced investors. Their portfolio integrates an incredible mix of traditional assets, new asset classes and other fixed income products. Here is a list of what Olympus4X has to offer.

  • Stocks
  • currency
  • crypto
  • options
  • ETFs
  • raw materials
  • Bind
  • futures
  • Investment funds

Olympus4X offers many other products in each of the above asset classes, giving every trader and investor the flexibility to pursue their desired investment plans.


Olympus4X is undoubtedly an excellent platform for traders and investors who demand access to global markets. The broker has widespread connections to the major stock markets and electronic exchanges worldwide, accessible to all clients. That widens the playing field significantly and gives you the freedom to invest wherever you want.

What is the trading experience on Olympus4X?

Interested traders and investors can quickly join Olympus4X by creating an account on their desktop, web or mobile platforms. Onboarding is seamless and fast across all platforms. Although Olympus4X has streamlined the experience with nearly similar tools and features across all of its platforms, there are some differences.

This broker’s web and desktop platforms offer powerful and highly customizable tools. Venues support multiple features including live streaming classes, custom watchlists, multi-leg options, screeners, portfolio analysis, price alerts, calculators, research, and news. You can also schedule jobs to run later and access other advanced tools. The Olympus4X mobile app offers a similarly intuitive experience, but has a simplified design that’s ideal for beginners and passive investors.

Fees and Commissions

Olympus4X does not allow commissions for online stock trading. They also charge less than a dollar per contract fee for options trades. The broker has also eliminated several expenses such as B. Account Minimums and Inactivity Fees. These attributes make it one of the best platforms for cheap online investing. However, you should check Olympus4X’s detailed fee schedule before placing any orders there.

Who is Olympus4X best for?

Olympus4X shines with a more comprehensive selection of investment products, broader market access, low fees, multiple trading platforms and reliable customer support. It is mainly suitable for institutional investors, but active retail traders and beginners can also take advantage of Olympus4X’s unique offerings to gain size when investing online. However, you should also seek professional advice to choose the most appropriate investment approach.

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