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Sponsorship is a type of business relationship in which one party (sponsor) offers financial, material, or service support to another party (beneficiary), and the beneficiary in return grants the sponsor certain rights and relationships that can be used for the sponsor’s financial gain.

Although sponsorship is a type of marketing, it differs from advertising, which aims to persuade people to buy by communicating specific messages about a product or company.

Sponsoring, on the other hand, does not explicitly market your brand or goods. Instead, your business pays to promote a specific event that your customers care about. Your business will then be associated with the event by consumers, attendees and the media.

By associating with an organization people care about, sponsorship serves to increase the public’s perception of the sponsor’s brand. This binding creates a “halo effect” of goodwill, in which significant correlations with the sponsor recipient are projected onto the sponsor. With time and the expansion of the retail sector, corporate sponsorships are becoming increasingly popular. In this article, we look at some of the top retail corporate sponsorships.


In 2018, FxPro, one of the famous online Forex brokers, started sponsoring the McLaren Racing Formula 1 team. Their logo is prominently displayed on the car’s front wing and cockpit, as well as on the drivers’ helmets.

FxPro has the experience to handle the pressures of high-performance environments, having processed over 250 million transactions and up to 7,000 orders per second. McLaren and FxPro both strive for quality and innovation and this alliance reinforces that. During the last Russian Grand Prix, the FxPro badge was prominently displayed on the race car’s side panels, in the cabin and around the exterior halo to honor the expanding partnership with this legendary racing team.

Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing, stated: “We are delighted to have FxPro on board as the official partner of the McLaren Formula 1 team. FxPro and McLaren share a shared commitment to innovation and quality, making them a perfect fit as business partners. FxPro has been recognized as a top performer on the global and national stages, winning more than 50 medals overall.”

“From our various world-class sports sponsorships to the way we respect our brand and do business, FxPro has always been a pioneer in the industry,” said Ilya Holeu, FxPro’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We are excited to be working with McLaren to expand our community engagement efforts, which have long included sports sponsorship.”

JPMorgan Chase

In 2013, JPMorgan Chase began sponsoring and collaborating with the Tampa Bay Times Forum. Today, JPMorgan Chase is one of the largest multinational investment banks and financial services companies headquartered in New York City.

During the five-year deal, New York megabank financially supported Lightning, the Storm and their home arena, the Tampa Bay Times Forum. Viewers could see Chase branding all over the ice and boards. There were a total of eight ATMs throughout the stadium complex, all owned by the bank. Once known as the Channelside Club, the Times Forum’s most exclusive VIP area has been dubbed and known as the Chase Club.

After Chase built “nearly 60 locations in Tampa Bay” and made Tampa the site of last year’s annual convention, “Chase secured a sports marketing deal to solidify its local commitment,” as reported by Jeff Harrington in Tampa. As a result of signing a “broad give-year partnership,” Chase is now “one of the best corporate sponsors downtown” — he added.

Chase and Tampa Bay Lightning partnered to improve local ice facilities and provide hundreds of kid players with brand new hockey sticks, skates and protective gear.

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Trans America

Transamerica Corporation is a US-based holding company for a number of insurance and financial companies providing life and supplemental health insurance, investments and retirement benefits to United States citizens. The 2017 partnership between Transamerica and JA Finance Park was a significant sponsorship in the retail industry.

Transamerica’s goal was to provide middle and high school students with an up-to-date, applicable, and accessible perspective on personal finance. In keeping with that promise, Transamerica served as the presenting sponsor of JA’s hands-on program, JA Finance Park, a Harvard-certified financial literacy initiative that helps children in grades 7-12 develop healthy money-management habits.

Brian Florey, Transamerica’s business development manager and JA board member, explained that the company’s support for JA Finance Park gave him the opportunity to teach young people “hands-on financial advice” at a time when they were just beginning to learn about it learn the importance of saving money and budgeting. As he said, “what you learn now will set you up for future success by giving you the tools you need to make good, sensible decisions.”

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