IGI Inex Holding (UK) becomes a strategic investor in Quantumrock, cementing the partnership between a leading global investment group and AI Asset Tech Frontrunners – Yahoo Finance | Jewelry Dukan

IGI Inex will receive a relevant share position based on Quantumrock’s valuation of EUR 30 million with the right to grow its share position over time

MUNICH, GERMANY / ACCESSWIRE / September 16, 2022 / London-based, privately held global investment firm IGI Inex Holding announced today that it has become a strategic investor in the leading artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) provider. As a strategic investment partner, IGI was also secured a relevant share position based on the company’s valuation of EUR 30 million, with the right to increase its share position to the majority over time. The combination of the parties’ assets and capabilities creates a unique opportunity for the two companies to enable a compelling new investment product category that creates an attractive proposition for many institutional market investors.

“Loss protection and loss protection for hedging investment products are the major demands of large institutional investors today. We are very excited to be able to combine our already compelling AI-enhanced products such as Absolute Return, Treasury Alpha, Single Stock Selection Alpha with an Asset Backed Loss Protection feature and deliver a real answer to this market demand.” – Stefan Tittel, CEO of Quantenrock

IGI Inex is a world leader in gemstone investments and related global mining activities and owns several subsidiaries such as IGI Inex Real Estate, IGI Inex Trading, SouthCapital and IGI Inex Global Investments, in addition to holdings such as Seabury Capital. As a structured products security provider, with its extensive holdings in gemstones, commodities, copper and more, IGI Inex is looking for a complementary, intelligent monetization of its extensive holdings in gemstones through innovative structured product asset protection services, making this the group’s latest move to a to become a strategic investor in Quantenrock, an ideal complement; Quantenrock is able to develop bespoke products for institutional clients as well as packaging prevalent investment themes into unique products with minimal time to market and at scale.

Joining Quantenrock as a strategic equity partner is an ideal fit for IGI Inex as we seek to intelligently monetize our gem holdings. As a global leader in AI and ML asset management technology, Quantenrock can not only support this vision, but together we can enable a compelling new investment product category. -Werner Schmidt, CEO of IGI Inex.

Going forward, as part of the partnership, Quantenrock will leverage its manufacturing power to create a wide range of innovative investment products, investable for a large client base and backed by assets from IGI Inex’s gem holdings, e.g. B. Factor investing stock selection products with loss protection or guaranteed returns. Additional value for investors is the commodity ABS investment product range that Quantenrock will launch, which will provide additional support in times of inflation uncertainty alongside the group’s well-established alpha search strategies. Finally, with IGI as the asset-backing provider, Quantumrock’s reputation as a global brand for innovative, AI-generated asset-backed investment products will be further consolidated.

About IGI Inex Holding (UK):

IGI Inex Holding (UK) is a London-based private global investment company founded by Werner Schmidt, a São Paulo-based entrepreneur and native German. IGI Inex is a holding company formed for the purpose of overseeing the operations, governance and compliance of multiple mining, manufacturing, gemstone, real estate and financial companies.

About Quantumrock GmbH:

Quantumrock is an AI asset tech company characterized by an innovative AI/ML platform used to rapidly analyze large amounts of market data to identify patterns and opportunities for alpha generation, packaged for clients in Alpha-generating strategies that improve their funds or portfolios. so-called alpha add-ons. The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany and consists of around 30 deep tech engineers, financial/capital markets experts and international former top executives from the banking and technology sectors as employees and consultants.

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David Beck
beck@quantumrock.ai // +49 89 255 42 194 // www.quantumrock.ai


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