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Queen Elizabeth II left this world peacefully at the age of 96, after a full 70 years of reign. In those long 70 years, she has shown the world how to face difficulties with dignity, and Her Majesty has undoubtedly witnessed numerous changes in society. The news left us speechless and humbled at the pain of the royal family who are now going through a transition.

Queen Elizabeth was a living example of soft power, showing that stability can be achieved and sustained. Although she was only 25 when she took over the crown, she still managed to excel in her role and bring something new. Queen Elizabeth was known for her willingness to embrace changes that greatly modernized the monarchy.

The former Prince of Wales will henceforth be known as King Charles III. be known. As Britain has always honored the King and Queen by having the photograph printed on the currency, it is only natural that we are introduced to the King Charles Spaniel Shiba Inu (KCSHIB) token. While the Queen has graced more than 32 international currencies, this token is an introduction to what is to follow. It is a way of honoring the king and giving him a warm welcome to the throne.

Any major changes are always reflected in the crypto market as well, and it seems that the death of Queen Elizabeth started boosting Tamadoge sales across the UK. The underlying reason for this is probably the need to be proactive during times of change.

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