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CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FlexShares by Northern Trust Asset Management® Exchange Traded Funds today announced the results of its latest biennial study of financial advisers’ use of external investment management services. This year’s version of the survey, first conducted in 2010, found that the use of external investment managers in the advisory industry has continued to gain traction over the past two years. Companies already using outside managers increased their allocations, while many companies that had not previously outsourced decided to start doing so during the pandemic.

The survey of over 500 consultants found that companies using external managers are very satisfied with their experience and often choose to increase their level of outsourcing over time. In the last two years, almost all companies that already use external managers have either increased (50%) or kept constant (49%) their outsourcing activities. 95% of companies reported being “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their outsourcing solutions, and a majority (53%) directly correlated their outsourcing efforts with generating more revenue.

RIAs report greater outsourcing growth

While a smaller proportion of Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) choose to outsource compared to Independent Broker Dealers (IBDs), the RIA subset is beginning to rely on third party providers at a rapidly increasing rate. In 2022, 32% of RIAs are now outsourcing, compared to 27% in 2020. That number has remained largely unchanged for IBDs at around 50%.

RIAs also reported higher paging rates as a percentage of assets under management (AUM). On average, RIAs outsource about 50% of assets under management, while IBDs outsource 39%. This increased adoption may be a function of company size. Because RIAs tend to be smaller companies, many need more external support in light of recent market disruptions.

Within each advisory channel, there are also differences in how companies select outsourcing options. RIAs are more likely to outsource back-office operations than IBDs (25% vs. 15%). In contrast, IBDs invest more of their outsourcing efforts in investment manager research (38% vs. 22%) and due diligence/monitoring (27% vs. 17%).

Outsourcing increased amidst Covid-19

The 2020 iteration of this survey asked companies that carry out investment management in-house whether their views on outsourcing had changed as a result of the pandemic – 15% of respondents said they plan to increase the use of external managers and 85% would consider again. Two years later, a significant number of companies have demonstrably decided to start outsourcing their investment management.

In this year’s survey, about a third (34%) of advisors said their firm had outsourced investment management for the first time during the pandemic. These firms are likely to have turned to external managers to deal with the high turnover and instability of the era, even if they had not previously outsourced. Additionally, companies that were already outsourcing before Covid-19 knew they could rely on external services – almost a quarter (23%) said they had increased outsourcing during the pandemic.

“While the investment outsourcing trend had already gained momentum as advisors shifted to more holistic financial planning activities, outsourcing is also proving to be a source of stability in more turbulent market conditions,” said Laura Hanichak Gregg, Director of Practice Management and Advisor Research at FlexShares. “As the investment landscape has become increasingly volatile in recent years, many companies have turned to external resources for the first time or expanded their existing operations, perhaps to deal with recent disruptions.”

The future of outsourcing adoption

While the overall proportion of consultants who have chosen to outsource has remained very constant over time, attitudes towards external managers continue to change positively and could bode for further adoption in the future. Firms that don’t outsource today are becoming more receptive — the number of firms refusing to outsource investment management has steadily declined over the past five years.

When consultants were asked what would change their minds, affordability remained the most important factor. However, the focus on cost seemed to be giving way in favor of the quality of the options available. This year, the importance of “a broader range of solutions” was preferred by almost a quarter of respondents, compared to 17% in 2020.

About the FlexShares Race to Scalability survey

FlexShares partnered with us to conduct this year’s survey, the seventh in a series examining advisors’ views on external investment management Information Engage, which conducted the survey between January 10 and February 1, 2022 among consultants and closely related professionals. More than 550 responses are included in the final report. The sponsor was not identified in the survey.

To download a full summary of the results and for more information, visit www.flexshares.com/outsourcing.

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