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FIFA Ultimate Team has always been pay-to-win. But with our trading tips, you don’t need to spend real money to build a powerful FUT roster.

Our FIFA 23 FUT Trading Tips | ©EA Sports/EarlyGame

If you don’t want to spend money on FIFA Points in FIFA Ultimate Team, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to earn coins in FUT without wasting your pocket money or even raiding your bank account.

But before you dive deep into our guide, we need to make one thing clear: Trading is time consuming. So you have to grind to make coins. It is what it is.

Why trading is so important in FIFA 23

Only those who act have a real advantage in FIFA Ultimate Team. You know the pay-to-win mode: if you spend more money, you get a better team. Players like Mbappé, Messi, Ronaldo and Co. are not given for free.

If you want a great FUT team, you need to buy and sell players and other tradable items properly, as this is the best way to increase your coins. You will never earn enough coins just by grinding in Weekend League. It is all the more important that you know how to do business in FUT. Investing and trading always involves speculation and the risk of losing coins. But with our tips this is (almost) impossible.

Free FUT Trading Tips – Make Coins Fast

To become a trading pro, you need to understand this FUT Transfer Market First. A lot is changing this year because we are getting a crossplay transfer market for the first time. If you want to learn more about it, just click on the link.

Player prices are based on supply and demand and are therefore dynamic. And where money is made, something is also lost. So be aware that some investments will not work and you will also suffer losses. This is part of the start of trading – and can still happen to the best.

Here are our six trading tips for the new FIFA:

1. Snipe Player

snipers Cards from the transfer market may not be a classic trade, more like that smart investing. Because there are more than enough gamers out there who are putting cards on the market way too cheap. And that’s where you come in. Do not try to buy a player in the current auction, but Always look for the best buy it now price. You have to refresh the market every second until a card is freshly offered. It is not uncommon for objects to be offered far below their value because the sellers do not know their prices. Likewise Note the chemistry style on the map, because these versions are worth more than the normal ones. Especially with that Hunter chemistry styleyou can make a lot of profit.

2. Chemistry Styles and Location Maps

styles of chemistry and the new position change maps are sometimes really expensive and a gold mine for traders. That The most expensive chemistry style is Hunter. But there are enough players who have no idea about it. When buying a card, pay attention to whether chemistries, preferably hunters, are equipped. Sellers often do not take the chem value into account and offer the card at the normal price.

Grab this card, use Hunter to filter by the price of the card, adjust the price and sell it for a profit. But it also works the other way around. Equip Hunters with cards that aren’t typically on the market (e.g. Defenders). Adjust the price too and voila: you’ve made a small but nice profit again.

Position cards allow you to change the main positions of the players. For example, make an LWB a LB and then sell the player. Since most of us play with four defenders and not three or five, LBs are worth more than LWBs.

3. Open Bronze and Silver Player Packs

Bronze and Silver Players are rarely used. But there are scenarios where certain players get really expensive. To the some squad building challenges or objectives, You need bronze or silver cards, which then get really expensive. You may be surprised, but there are some (bad) cards that are worth more than 5,000 coins. So always check the requirements for SBCs and objectives and sniff out the appropriate players, which often just aren’t rare cards.

Bronze and Silver Packs are the cheapest packs in Ultimate Team. But these packs contain unimaginable riches! Well, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration. But try it for real. Open a Bronze and a Silver pack, compare the prices of all the items, put them on the market and then calculate whether you made a profit or a loss. Due to the low prices of the packs, you only need one player worth 500 coins – and you made a profit.

4. Invest in dynamic maps

The FUT year begins with the special cards of the Ones to watch Action. It contains dynamic special cards for stars who have switched to a new club during the summer transfer window. As the players appear in real life, they will be upgraded in FIFA. That road to knockout or the headliners Promotions are also suitable for this.

The rating of the dynamic cards can always increase – if you invest at the right time, you can get some coins from them. But it is also clear that you should try the other tips first. You need coins you can invest to make more coins.

5. Stockpile SBC fodder

This tip is something for the later phase of the FUT season. After the team of the yearthe game is played a lot less, and then you have to strike. Collect SBC fodder!

Of course, that’s just a metaphor, we think Players with a high OVR ratingalmost everyone with one OVR of 85 or more is helpful here. Bad FUT cards like Thomas Müller or Dani Parejo are perfect examples here. The cards are cheap because they’re the opposite of meta – but highly rated. If a violent icon SBC appears in which you play, many gamers will buy such SBC food cards from you dearly.

6. Extinct players

Ever since EA introduced the Price range for FUT, a new phenomenon has developed in the game. Cards can disappear from the game. How does this happen? There are two possibilities: A good card is new on the market, but EA has set the price range way too low. Then, of course, nobody wants to sell their cards below value, which is why some players cannot be bought. Now it’s time to show off your newly learned sniper skills. Try to get as many extinct cards as possible – and then sell them for a profit when the price range corrects.

The other possibility is that EA removes a player from the packs. When a player receives a team of the week card, their standard version is not included in packs for the active time of the TOTW. or a player is even completely removed from FUT – even then the price goes up.

However, tip 6 is the riskiest trading tip, since the price range either cannot be adjusted, or EA even ensures that players who have been removed from FUT cannot be sold.

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