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LONDON, Sept. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fasset is partnering with the Prime Minister’s Office of Pakistan as part of the Prime Minister’s Youth Program (PMYP) to educate 1 million young people in blockchain-based technologies, web3 and crypto. The partnership will work in partnership with JazzCash, the country’s largest telecom company with over 75 million customers, on the Skills for Future Agency agenda and bring much-needed education to the masses.

The Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Pakistan for Youth Affairs, Her Excellency Shaza Khwaja says: “For years the Government of Pakistan has worked tirelessly to develop skills for youth across the country, but I believe the private sector offers great opportunities for young people when it comes to preparing for the future. It is the Prime Minister’s vision to work on areas of great economic importance – such as digital skills for the future. This forms the basis of PMYP’s partnership with Fasset. I hope our youth take this opportunity to learn from qualified industry practitioners and the world of opportunities that are out there.”

“Pakistan is among the top 3 Web3 adoption nations in the world. Additionally, Pakistan is home to some of the world’s best and brightest developers, researchers and academics when it comes to tokenization, digital assets and blockchain technology. Together with PMYP, Fasset hopes to raise awareness and educate the next generation of Web3 users on how to safely, responsibly and innovatively develop and adopt the future of this pioneering space. We believe that with the right building blocks, Pakistan’s talented youth can unlock potential economic growth of US$100 billion.” – Mohammad Raafi Hossain, CEO Fasset

Murtaza Ali, Acting CEO of JazzCash, said: “This partnership will improve financial literacy by reaching millions of youth in disadvantaged areas through digital media. JazzCash is proud to be the financial enabler for all transactions required for the upcoming phases of the program. We are keen to forge alliances with like-minded organizations to further our mission of a financially integrated Pakistan.”

The Central Asian state’s Vision 2025 aims to drive digitalization domestically for its young population of 63% aged between 15 and 33. The PMYP is the leading program for youth skills development.

Two key areas are tackled for the youth skills development agenda, namely ‘skills for the future’ and ‘skills for all’.

  • In collaboration, both organizations will create a curriculum to deliver training on Blockchain and Web3. The curriculum will also include technical skills young people need to build a career in this field, with a particular focus on expanding the current world-class Web3 developer base that exists in Pakistan.
  • Fasset will work to create a financial literacy series that will enable young people, particularly women and vulnerable communities, to build their skills. This will drive them to invest and earn passive income. Through this training, participants can also earn certifications that will help them find jobs in relevant fields.
  • There will be a National Innovation Award for Web3, Blockchain and related emerging technologies. Both parties participate in the curation of the prize.

This partnership also aims to reach out to Pakistani expats worldwide as well as millions of young people in Pakistan to improve financial literacy in disadvantaged areas. JazzCash will act as the financial enabler for this agreement for all transactions required for the upcoming phases of the program and has shown keen interest in forging alliances with like-minded organizations at stakeholder meetings to further its mission of a financially inclusive Pakistan.

Pakistan has one of the largest communities of freelancers in the world, including some of web3’s best developers, and Fasset believes equipping Pakistani youth with some of the most in-demand skills will boost the freelance economy in line with PMYP leadership’s vision.
The partnership will impact approximately 1 million young people over a one-year period, creating learning and work opportunities with significant economic impact.

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