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Finding a good trading platform can be the first challenge a beginner trader has to face. Even if you are an expert, it is not easy to use an appropriate application that brings more returns with low fees. The platform you use must be easy to use and one should understand all the features available to an investor.

Before you create an account, you need to check if it’s good enough for you. In the description below, we will discuss some of the simplest trading platforms available for beginners.

When you enter the trading industry, things may be a bit new and challenging for you. But you need to research thoroughly and find a solution to every problem. Initially, you may have little money to invest and trade. There will be a lot of expectations with the returns. Hence, you must consider all of the following trading platforms to start your journey.

1. TD Ameritrade

Source: tdameritrade.com

You can easily trade with this application without paying extra money for commission. If you are interested in stocks and ETFs, you had better consider this application. There are no minimum requirements when creating an account in this app. You can easily access all the features and use them accordingly. If you are confused to make better investment decisions, you can use many analysis tools available here.

You can plan different things to close a significant deal by checking the calendars, analyzing the market trends, running tests and more. Before developing a strategy, review all historical data and do thorough research. You can also use the mobile app and access everything on your phone. Wherever you go, you can use this application for trading.

2. Loyalty

Source: forex.academy

It’s a great stock market application that’s perfect for both beginners and experts. The interface is easy to understand, but you can also watch videos before exploring the features. When it comes to commission fees for standard trades, you don’t have to pay anything.

You can access numerous analytical tools required for trading. You may need help investing, and you can get help from a coach or expert. It is a hybrid system involving professionals who can guide any activity you perform on this platform.

With the help of an estate planner and all the tools available, strategizing is easy. If you get stuck anywhere, the customer service team is available to provide assistance. You can click here to know it and compare it with different platforms.

3. Robinhood

Source: streetfins.com

It is not easy for a beginner to invest and trade. The person needs more help to understand the process and how to do it. With proper research material, you can use the Robinhood application. You will not face any challenges while using this app.

It has a simple interface and you can easily explore each feature. No commission has to be paid on this exchange platform. If you are interested in trading virtual currencies, there are limited investment opportunities available to you.

This application forwards funds from user orders to all market makers which helps in executing the trades. You can also use a mobile app to check the market status. If you need any help, you can contact the customer support team as they are available online for help.

4. Vanguard

Source: devexpress.com

If you are interested in building and managing your portfolio yourself, then this is the perfect platform to choose. To use this app you need a little expertise which you can acquire by learning the tutorials. But once you understand the application, you can use it effectively. It is one of the competitive platforms where you can plan and make long-term investments.

There are endless investment plans you can consider. You can invest in stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, etc. It is possible to invest your money with low fees compared to other competitive platforms. You must deposit at least $50,000 when you create an account and start trading.

5. Merrill Edge

Source: brokerchooser.com

A trader does not have to pay anything to trade stocks, mutual funds or any other options on this platform. You can use all the analysis tools available and with the right research you can find the appropriate trade. There is no minimum investment required when using this platform.

However, it is important that you create your account with a deposit amount of 1000 USD for the consulting service. It’s also easy to budget your investment plans with the tools available. You can also plan for retirement using long-term planning tools.

6. Webull

Source: warriortrading.com

It is another commission-free trading and investing application that allows you to deal with various things like stocks, ETFs, etc. You don’t need to deposit a minimum amount into your account to initiate a step with this app. Within five days, a user will get three trades if they raise the account by more than $25,000.

Make sure you do thorough research before deciding whether or not to go with an investment plan. You can also trade many fractions of stocks with the help of analytical tools. First of all, if you are unsure about the returns, you can use the fake money to invest and trade on this platform. It helps you practice before doing it with real money.

The final result

It is not easy for a beginner to enter the trading field; Therefore, he must find a suitable platform for his operations. You need to do thorough research and explore different applications. Once you understand the concept and practice enough, you can use your real money to implement proper investing and trading plans.

Therefore, take your time and do what is best for you. Learning from experts and how they use such platforms to close meaningful deals and generate better returns is crucial. You may face many challenges in this field, but you need to know how to handle them.

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