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According to research firm Report Linker and Coherent Market Insights, the cryptocurrency market is projected to grow to $6 trillion by 2025. The future seems bright for many cryptocurrency firms as the world rapidly adopts blockchain technology and more and more individuals invest in cryptocurrencies.

Unfortunately, there are still many promising entrepreneurs to be recognized and found, and the recent crypto winter has claimed multiple scalps.

Cryptocurrency public relations and marketing are essential to the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology today.

AJ Ignacio of renowned crypto PR firm Baden Bower discusses several benefits PR can bring to crypto businesses.

product training

AI: Although there is a growing market for them, the general public still has a limited understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. PR firms can design and run campaigns that educate audiences about cutting-edge technologies like cryptocurrencies.

PR helps potential clients and institutional investors become more comfortable with the new technology, break down any lingering skepticism and become more receptive to crypto-based product offerings.

Strong brand authority and identity

AI: Everyone has a chance to become a crypto entrepreneur in the highly competitive blockchain and cryptocurrency market. Startups in the cryptocurrency space need to make their mark and become thought leaders in their fields.

Through mass communication, PR is a much more targeted strategy than advertising to help your business get heard. Through PR, you can target specific, powerful individuals who want to spread your cryptocurrency material across their network.

To build your startup’s reputation as a dominant force in your industry, you need to consistently produce quality content about your industry and allow your PR teams to send it to credible outlets. Additionally, it helps increase brand awareness, which can ultimately lead to lead generation through “call-to-action” links included in your published material.

PR not only raises your company’s profile in the marketplace, but also helps you build strong brand authority.

Building positive community relationships

AI: Any company that wants to be recognized and influential in its field must incorporate PR as a key component of its strategy. Positive media coverage and community interactions can help generate investment leads and new customers without spending more on advertising.

Cryptocurrency social media marketing and PR benefit cryptocurrency startups.

AI: Crypto companies can take full advantage of social media through marketing and PR initiatives. Social media enable informal communication between customers, investors and companies. It allows the audience to inquire about, or know much better about, cryptocurrency concepts and issues.

Building a positive reputation in the community encourages others to learn more about your company and industry, and builds trust.

crisis management

AI: A PR crisis is always possible for crypto companies, as in any other industry. Whether it’s a misunderstood product or competitors trying to discredit your offerings, PR firms can solve any problem.

There is more to crisis management than formal press commentary to mitigate the damage. To protect their well-deserved reputation in times of crisis, cryptocurrency startups also need partnerships and reliable connections.

Your startup can build important networks, assess risks, forecast crisis situations and, with the help of a reliable PR staff, change the public’s perception of your company.

Even in the blockchain and cryptocurrency business, strong public relations is vital. Any approach aimed at increasing your company’s visibility and staying up to date must include public relations. More importantly, PR can highlight startups and develop a reputable and trustworthy image with the public.

Award-winning PR firm Baden Bower specializes in helping crypto and technology companies promote brands and build solid reputations in their fields. Aside from the crypto and NFT promotion, the company helps countless fintech companies generate significant publicity.

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