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Maticz pushes its boundaries with blockchain solutions for companies that digitally transform business ideas.

For Maticz, perfection is not just an option, but an efficient part of our corporate goals to achieve our motto of integrating technology and innovation.”

— Gnanaprakash, co-founder of Maticz Technologies

MADURAI, TAMIL NADU, INDIA, Sept. 22, 2022 / — Maticz Technologies, a pioneer in blockchain platform development active in the development of various blockchain platforms worldwide, has expanded its borders and its door open to the development of advanced blockchain solutions in accordance with the existing platform development and improvisation. With years of experience in blockchain and with its best crew, the organization is ready to dig the depths of blockchain technology and sets out to present groundbreaking ideas to its clients around the world.

The company has served more than 200 clients from different regions of the world, ranging from startups to wealthy companies, where the company always tries its best to satisfy the needs of the company by timely launching the product and its services uses at the right time. The company starts its work developing blockchain platforms like NFT marketplace, crypto exchanges, IDO platforms and more. But until now, among all these, it has formed its inner structure, rebuilding the strategies and empowering technicians where it is embarking on the path of applying blockchain technology to various fields from manufacturing to logistics and from education to healthcare bring.

With a vision to improve blockchain technology in the digital space, the professionals and management are pushing them to adopt an advanced technology stack to bring new ideas to the digital space. The company’s futuristic Web3 development services make it worthy and notable in the Web3 world. And now the company has expanded its frontiers in Web3 application development and Metaverse platform development for various industries around the world. The team is packed with knowledge of various blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polygon, Cardano, Tron and other trending networks. While you’re working on the breakthrough ideas, it’s best to also be working on the breakthrough tech stack. There, our certified blockchain experts plan their work with the advanced tech stacks.

With 100% customer satisfaction, the company has been included in the list of the best blockchain development companies in the world. The products and services offered by the company were top-notch, according to customers. Use the premium services offered by the company, which include the development of the project from scratch according to the business idea.

Development of cryptocurrency exchanges
Maticz began his journey in the crypto space by developing a customizable cryptocurrency exchange for clients from different countries where most of the cryptocurrency exchanges have brought thousands upon thousands of users to the platform due to the exchange’s built-in features. The team is still working hard to improve cryptocurrency exchanges with many advanced features that make the crypto ecosystem more viable.

Development of the NFT marketplace
Partnering with the crypto exchanges, the team expanded into the NFT space where they dominated the NFT space by successfully developing and launching 50+ NFT marketplaces in the digital space. The marketplaces are running with many new functionalities that will benefit the collectors and creators in the NFT space. The company’s overall work in NFT makes its presence among the top 5 NFT marketplace development companies in the world.

Web3.0 Development Services
Although the company has been working on various Web3 products for years, it has now evolved into a full Web3 development company by offering various services related to the Web3 world with a range of Web3 Services and Web3 Products. Maticz works to provide unique Web3 products to its customers by planning its work in designing new Web3 products for the customer’s business that meet all the requirements of the customer’s project.

Metaverse Development
With the trend, it has also bagged Metaverse and started work on building Metaverse projects that add blockchain technologies, making the product more futuristic and attractive. With experienced technicians in the other pocket, it becomes easy to meet Metaverse needs by being present in a range of industries by developing Metaverse solutions for their project needs.

Blockchain Development Services
The company has updated with the trend of integrating blockchain services into education, entertainment, healthcare, e-commerce, manufacturing, logistics, sports and more. Maticz Technologies team is working on various blockchain solutions that can be customized according to the client’s project needs. With in-depth knowledge of the blockchain industry, Maticz has showcased its advancements to a global audience across multiple industries by delivering a range of enterprise blockchain solutions >>>

About Maticz Technologies
At Maticz, we are redefining the meaning of development by providing alternative solutions that are scalable and interoperable with a highly dynamic development environment. We happily serve the crypto sphere with passionate customer support both before and after product delivery along with attributes that redefine the meaning of development. Join our journey as our passionate developers work to digitally transform our customers’ business ideas with advanced blockchain solutions.

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