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Leandro Lopes (LL) is a multidimensional and authentic emerging fashion brand that represents integrity through high quality and exclusive custom designs. Leandro Lopes is more than just fashion or clothes. Leandro Lopes expresses a special spirit and lifestyle aimed at connecting people. Due to its celebrities and influencers and their communities of over 20 million followers, Leandro Lopes has enormous potential. Many of the market participants consider Leandro Lopes to be one of the fastest growing fashion brands in 2022.


Leandro Lopes makes a point of only producing in Europe and establishing a wide range of core products such as sneakers, tops, pants and other footwear that are handcrafted from quality materials. The production of all LL products takes place exclusively in factories in Portugal, where the Lopes family has been running shoe factories and shops for many years since 1962.

In order to accelerate the growth and internationalization of the LL fashion business, Leandro Lopes Group has decided to use blockchain technology to offer the $Lopes token and a cryptocurrency-based infrastructure via an initial token offering (“LL -ITO” or “ITO”). ).

The funds raised by the LL-ITO will be used for investments: the opening of various LL flagship stores and the expansion of the fashion business in the USA and Asia.

Leandro Lopes Token ($Lopes) and the Lopes LL ecosystem

The Leandro Lopes token (“$Lopes”) is a utility token based on the ERC-20 blockchain technology. Polygon Blockchain is the public blockchain used to receive and send $Lopes tokens.

The $Lopes token forms a key agent for the entire LL ecosystem. It is innovative and aims to merge the physical presence of the Leandro Lopes brand with the virtual one. NFTs, the Metaverse, and other digital assets are the main elements that customers can use to enter the virtual fashion space, a world where they can wear and use virtual shoes, clothing, and other items in avatar ecosystems that are currently growing massively . The LL ecosystem offers customers several innovative ways to earn with the $Lopes token and NFTs offered through the Lopes LL ecosystem.

$Lopes token holders receive discounts and loyalty rewards for purchasing Leandro Lopes products.


Each pair of shoes carries a unique identification number. Successful buyers of these shoes are entitled to a virtual replica in the form of an NFT, a virtual certificate of ownership running on the blockchain. Each NFT identifies the owner with type, size, date of purchase, etc.

Owners of NFTs and $Lopes shoes are eligible to participate in the issuer’s developed “Wear to Earn” loyalty and LL status program.

LL metaverse

Leandro Lopes Holding AG has planned to launch the LL-Metaverse by the end of 2023, with a focus directly related to the launch of Leandro Lopes digital luxury, which is specifically aimed at the virtual environment.

The LL-Metaverse will feature virtual social spaces where attendees can interact, meet community members and celebrities, play games, attend Leandro Lopes fashion events, and purchase items from Leandro Lopes’ product offering.

Mining and staking from $Lopes

The $Lopes Shoe allows you to mine $Lopes tokens. The number of tokens that can be mined per day depends on the number of steps users take per day and the available amount of $Lopes in the LL mining pool on that particular day.

The $Lopes ecosystem includes a special staking program. $Lopes holders have the option to use their $Lopes for staking purposes by placing the $Lopes on a restraint for a specified period of time. This disposition limitation is 1 year or whole multiples thereof to maintain a given status in the Lopes status program. Regardless, owners of $Lopes can subject their $Lopes to a restricted period of time in order to mine $Lopes, e.g. B. for 30, 60, 90, 120 or more days. The staking return is 8% per year of the $Lopes tokens used for staking. During the lockup period, $Lopes tokens are not eligible for staking.

Initially, token holders can earn up to $2,000 USD daily from mining, but the amount of rewards will increase as new features are added, i.e. game elements and other products. After all, token holders are accessing $2,000 in daily potential income.

$Lopes Offer Terms and Conditions

The standard retail price for a $Lopes is $0.25. The minimum purchase value during the Private Presale phase is 100,000 euros after applying the discount.

During the private presale period (July 4 through September 30, 2022), a 30 percent off retail price discount will be applied to the retail price, resulting in an effective price of $0.175 per lope.

The private sale phase will be followed by the public presale phase (October 1 to December 31, 2022). The minimum purchase is $100. Discount rates are granted depending on the purchase price paid. For example, if someone buys $Lopes for $1,000, the discount rate is 10 percent, and if someone buys $15,000 or more, the discount rate is 25 percent.

The purpose of the Lopes offering is to raise funds of up to CHF 25 million to be used primarily for the expansion of the Leandro Lopes business in the US and Asia, the opening of Leandro Lopes flagship stores and for marketing purposes.


Leandro Lopes is a fashion brand and an excellent example of how the digital economy is invading our world and finding new applications. LL-Ecosystem strives to create a fundamentally new way of interacting with customers.

If you want to be a part of it, welcome to private or public presale. The private pre-sale lasts until September 30 and the public pre-sale is available until December 31, 2022.

Note: Investing in cryptocurrency and crypto assets involves financial risks and readers should do their own due diligence. Entrepreneur Media does not endorse such investments.

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